Civil Litigation in Norristown

Law Offices of Arthur R. Braitman, PLLC’s civil litigation professionals are well known for delivering outstanding results to clients just like you, in Norristown. Civil litigation differs from criminal proceedings in that consequences typically involve paying a monetary fine, known as damages, to the victim(s). Our comprehensive services take you through the preparation, filing and the court process, vigorously defending your rights, and bringing legal clarity to the tough decisions you are facing.

How to File a Civil Lawsuit

The statute of limitations governing the filing of a civil lawsuit differs from state to state. Begin this process as soon as possible by hiring an exceptional legal expert right away. We’ll organize your case, collecting and presenting the best possible evidence and facts, on your behalf.

Can Anyone File a Civil Dispute?

A civil law dispute can be filed by anyone who feels they have been negatively affected, physically, mentally or financially harmed or injured as a result of another person's actions or failure to act. Evidence gathering and intuitive preparation are critical to a favorable ruling. Outcomes are determined based on the quality of the evidence presented by both parties, rather than quantity, so don’t sweat it if you only have a few items.

Winning Civil Law Cases

Our experience winning civil law cases speaks for itself. We are well versed in municipal, state and federal laws, recent case rulings and the processes and paperwork it takes to get the compensation you deserve. Our highly-educated team take the grief and uncertainty out of putting the wheels in motion on even the most complex circumstances

Negligence Law Categories

Negligence is the most commonly pursued law in the US, and breaks down into the following subsections:

  • Malice
  • Breach of duty
  • Direct cause
  • Legal cause
  • Harm
  • Intent

Wherever your situation falls under existing law, we work with you to present the supporting evidence and facts and documents necessary to achieve the best available ruling.

The Best Litigation Lawyer for Your Case

We strive to provide the most comprehensive services, at affordable rates, making our compassionate services accessible to all. A good litigation lawyer will go to bat for you when you’ve been hurt, at no fault of your own, but a great one like us will give you the confidence you need to gain peace of mind throughout the whole process.

Wrongful Death Law in Your State

Every state has differing laws surrounding wrongful death litigation. During a difficult time like this, it is important to protect your best interests and ease your burden by seeking professional assistance. We can help you build and present the supporting evidence you need to receive the compensation and damages you deserve.

Civil Legal Advice

Our reputation is built on giving our clients in Norristown the best civil legal advice and the support they need. We go the extra distance to streamline your experience and remove unnecessary stress. Don’t accept “wisdom” from just anyone. The success of your case and the compensation you are owed is too important not to consult with a licensed professional.

To request more information on the full range of civil litigation advice and services we provide, call our Norristown office today. Our friendly staff will set you up with a no-obligation consultation.